Installation of Integral Blinds. (Skylight Integral Blinds)

At skylight Integral blinds we have many experienced fitters who have been installing integral blind units for a number of years & time and time again the question that customers seem to ask is, can our integral blinds or skylight blinds fit into an existing frame or opening. The simple answer for the integral blind unit is yes, we can install into existing frames as long as the frame has a cavity area of 24MM or 28MM this carried out with various pieces of equipment such as, the nylon hammer or plastic mallet furethermore, it is important that packers are used to make the unit fit perfect, this ensures spare room is countered for. Nevertheless, a glazing paddle is always helpful to make the job even easier in addition to this, a moon knife & ultimately suckers are the most vital part to even the start the installation. Therefore, the overall answer to install our integral blind units into existing frames is yes. 

When considering our skylight integral blinds Comprises of : 6mm Tough (outer pane) x 32mm Warm edge cavity x 6.4mm Laminated Low E (inner pane) with argon gas filled cavity, the outer pane in coated with Enduro-Shield nonstick coating making the external surface easier to clean. These rooflights with blinds come with alternativly glass options as at skylight integral blinds we offer triple glazed IGUs and 33m walk on glass. The rooflights being suitable for a retro fit also offering, design anfd flexibility, very easy to operate and minimal sightlines as the blind is full retractable making it look like the blind isnt even present.
The easy-to-install rooflight is fitted the same way a aluminium rooflight system, with a fix to a suitable upstand and internal plaster boarding. The concertina blind is powered by an individual transformer built into the wall mounted switches.
Stock sizes, 
  • 800x800    
  • 900x900
  • 1000x1000
  • 800x1400
  • 1175x1175
  • 1175x1675
  • 1000x2000
  • 1000x1500
  • 1000x2500
  • 1175x2175
  • 1000x3000
5-Year manufacture guarantee.


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